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Banco caipira variant, with textured low-poly reconstruction of artifact as instruction manual.

Towards a folk computer

Explorations in table-top, physical computing, in collaboration with Folk Computer.

Amanecieron ahí

Photographic indexing of an intervention in urban infrastructure.

Post-industrial bricolage

On the ex-adaptation of industrial-scale products, exemplified by the Parisien corn cart.

On video-text

Interfaces between orality and literacy, in collaboration with Reduct.

Against text as interface

Discursive intervention on LLMs and generative image production.

Convivial Forms

Documentation of a first intervention in urban infrastructure.

Folk (Browser) Interfaces

On computation as the design of systems which define new materials.

A design practice of Cristóbal Sciutto Rodríguez.
São Paulo · New York City
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